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YLTSIG In conversation with Keith Kelly


Keith Kelly is a freelance education consultant based in Bulgaria.

Associate Tutor for the Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE).  A founder and coordinator of the Forum for Across the Curriculum Teaching (FACT).From 1999-2003 Keith was coordinator of the English Across the Curriculum project for the British Council in Bulgaria.Keith, along with John Clegg. He  is co-author of the CLIL MA Module for NILE and Leeds Metropolitain University.  Author of the Macmillan Science and Geography Vocabulary Practice Series and editor for the ‘CLIL Teacher’ magazine and consultant to Macmillan’s Onestopclil website. Keith with John Clegg is co-author of the OUP Geog1 EAL Workbook.

Keith was made a Fellow of IUPAC  (The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)  in January 2008 for his contributions to the programme.

In his own words :

For over a decade now I’ve been working with subject teachers around the world on supporting their work in teaching their subject through the medium of English. I’ve recently been reading a  set of textbooks from Austria on Electronics, Physics, Marketing and International Business to help me prepare training for language teachers working alongside teachers of these subjects. My working life can involve a lot of steep learning curves. I also teach English in a Bulgarian state secondary school where my students go on to study part of their curriculum through foreign languages. I write resources for publishers aimed at supporting the teaching and learning of students like these. I’m currently working on a bilingual Bulgarian-English preschool play group in my home town, Plovdiv. (keithpkelly@yahoo.co.uk)

 If you couldn’t make it on the 28th June 2011, or would like to watch again, please use this link:


Any problems or for the latest updates ask us on twitter :  iatefl_yltsig

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