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YLTSIG In conversation with Harry Kuchah

 We are really pleased to welcome Harry Kuchah to our online conversation series with Iatefl YLTSIG.

Teaching very large classes in Cameroon.

Harry is currently studying for a PhD in the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick – UK where he also works as Senior Teaching Fellow.

Previously, he worked for fourteen years as an English language teacher and teacher trainer at both primary and secondary levels in Cameroon, his home country. His teaching career has essentially been  in classes as ‘small’ as between 80 and 235 children and teenage learners from primary to secondary schools in Cameroon.

Other realities he’s familiar with are the lack of prescribed textbooks, an exam-oriented as well as a teacher-dependent culture, and a heavily top-down system of policy/innovation enactment and dissemination which have all made his job very challenging.

Thanks to networking with other colleagues through the local teachers’ association, Harry has been able to find fun in the classroom through pragmatic and transformative responses to his classroom realities.

His interests are in teaching and researching Young Learners, Context appropriate ELT methodology, Teaching in Large Classes, Language Teaching policy/innovation, development and implementation. You can find out more about his professional development and research interests by clicking here.

If you couldn’t make it on the 11th December 2011, or would like to watch again, please use this link


Any problems and for the latest updates ask us on twitter :  iatefl_yltsig


  1. Nnam-Mbi
    January 6, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Great!!! Harry and all. I have benefitted a lot from you all. Special thanks to Harry who is making our Cameroonian experience known and appreciated worldwide. You are great teachers indded!!
    EFL teacher, Cameroon

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